Templars Alpha Devlog: v1.1 Updates


v1.1 Updatelog

-All melee weapon damages now apply “push” force to the character, receive hit animation was added for all character classes.
Hitting the head bone now multiplies applied force.

Spectator Mode

-New spectator mode: press 0 while on character selection screen to enter spectator mode (TODO: exit spectator mode and get back to character selection screen)

Player Names + Chat

-New Player character color Names: now every player/bot has his own name printed on screen, the names are get from Steam subsystem (TODO: switch names on/off on clients)

-Updated player chat: press C for ingame text chat (Experimental, Known bugs you cant talk again once chatbox is opened after firing weapon, TODO: add player chat names)

New Collisions

-Fixed floor and wall collisions at Highrise castle map, added new walkable paths for Castle walls and towers. (TODO: check AI navigation)

Low Health overlay

-Added low Health blood texture effects indicators, postprocess materials and updated visual FX.

-New Crossbow Aim crosshair for better visibility

-Updated new character sounds and enviroment ambient

-Added two handed character class (development only, hidden)

-All second team characters now have full black painted materials

-Yelling (press F) now is replicated to clients

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