The Game

12th Century. The Knights Templar are accused of Heresy, idolatry and worshiping false idols; it’s a time of war, blood and sieges. Most of the Fellow-Soldiers are involved in a Journey to defend their Order, but only one Team will be illuminated.

“Templars” is a multiplayer First Person melee combat game currently under development. The game is set in a medieval fantasy setting, where you will fight another knights on castles, dungeons, cities and crypts.

Closed Alpha early access will be ready soon, if you are eager to play the game please subscribe to our newsletter or drop us a line at contact section, we want to hear about you!

We are looking for players who want to get involved with the development and help us make a great game, also people who just want to play and send feedback and bugreports will be welcome, you can also show your support by following us at social networks and spreading the word about the project 🙂

Closed Alpha will have two online/lan multiplayer game modes, two new maps and four different player classes with custom weapons and character statistics!

Please Watch and Follow the game community in order to get updates and latest news. Development logs and articles about the game will be added during the production so be sure to keep connected with us!